Bulletin 1

Welcome to CEYOC 2020!

Enthusiasm, unforgettable experience, motivation. These were my feelings about the first international race I participated in. However, it was also stage fright, pressure, tension and fear not to spoil it. And my only result was many mistakes in the race :-).

This is why the CEYOC has been introduced. To give young athletes a feeling of important competition before their real top event – EYOC. To get used to the procedures of big event. To motivate them to improve themselves. To avoid mistakes made under pressure.

We are ready to prepare CEYOC in order to fulfil all these goals. Look at the programme to know what you can look forward to.

Adam Chromý, former elite runner and organizer of EYOC 2020

Basic information

Dates: 2nd – 5th April 2020
Venue: Brno, Czech Republic
Organizer: KOS TJ Tesla Brno

Punching system: SPORTident AIR+ punching system will be used in all 3 races and 2 trainings. Runners will use their own SI cards, or they can rent SI Card for the whole event for 10 EUR.

Classes and Regulations

W-16: women born 2004 or later
W-18: women born 2002 or later
M-16: men born 2004 or later
M-18: men born 2002 or later

All National teams from all IOF Federations can participate in the competition and they are eligible for diplomas and rankings, whether they come from the Central Europe or not.

Each federation is allowed to enter unlimited number of runners, however additional restrictions are applied. All the runners are running the same course, but only 6 selected are counted in the official CEYOC results and placed in official classes (M16, W16, …). Additional runners are placed in unofficial classes M-16-2, W-16-2, …

More information can be found in CEYOC Special Rules.


Official CEYOC program starts on Thursday 2nd April 2020 from 15:00 and ends on Sunday 5th April 2020 at 12:00. It includes 3 races (sprint, long and relay), 2 trainings (sprint, forest) and 3 social activities (quiz, sightseeing, disco).

More detailed information can be found at separated page Programme.

This page is continuously updated, when new info is available.

Competitions, terrains and maps

Three official competitions are organized:

Friday 3.4.2020
CEYOC Sprint
individual race

Map: 1:4 000, ISSprOM 2019
mapped by J. Zimmermann in 2019

Saturday 4.4.2020
individual race

Map: 1:10 000, ISSOM 2017-2
mapped by Z. Lenhart, E. Cigoš in 2019

Sunday 5.4.2020
3 legs relay

Map: 1:10 000, ISSOM 2017-2
mapped by Z. Lenhart, E. Cigoš in 2019

More information about terrains and previous maps can be found at separated page Maps and Terrains.

Apart from the competitor´s race itself, it is forbidden to enter embargoed areas until the end of the competition. Exact boundaries of embargoed areas are published at separated page Embargoed areas.


There are two options of accommodation available for CEYOC :

57% discount!

Only 30 rooms available!

Accommodation A ***

Hotel *** with double rooms, including private bathroom with shower, toilet, fridge, digital TV, telephone, writing desk, free WiFi. Catering directly in the hotel. Limited capacity – only 60 beds available (first came, first served).

More info: http://www.hotel-palacky.cz/

Exclusive discount 57% for CEYOC participants: 12.5 EUR / person / day

This price is valid only if room is fully occupied (Price of accommodation is 25 EUR/ double room /day). Price of accommodation is already included in Entry Fee Packages.

Accommodation C

Hard floor accomodation in 2 sport halls for 50 person each. Shared showers and toilets – separated for men and women. No furniture, no mattresses, no blankets. Catering 100 m from accommodation.

Price for CEYOC participants: 6 EUR / person / day

Price of accommodation is already included in Entry Fee Packages.


Full board catering is included within each Entry Fee Package. For both types of accommodation, 6 meals are served in building of Accommodation A, which is 100 m from Accommodation C.

Three meals are served direcly in the arena (Fri dinner, Sat lunch and Sun lunch).


All the arenas, quarantines or trainings are within reach of Brno public transport, which is one of the most developed public transport in the central Europe. So you can leave the car at home for the whole weekend and arrive by bus, train or airplane to Brno. Here, you can use the Brno public transport. In Bulletin 3, you will find straightforward information about lines and connections, so the transport will be simple and easy.

Training opportunities

There are 2 official trainings within the official programme of CEYOC. Trainings will be organised by the former Czech Youth coach Adam Chromy.

Thursday 2.4.2020 afternoon
Sprint training

Short sprint relays with artificial virtual fences + sprint corridor.

Friday 3.4.2020 morning
Forest training

Combination of techniques + mini model event for Long

If you are interested in more trainings before, feel free to ask Event Office and we can help you.

Only 55% of EYOC price

Entry Fees

The main goal of CEYOC 2020 is to provide all the procedures and activities as on EYOC, but with keeping the costs at the smallest possible level. We put a lot of effort to reach this and we are finally coming with the 55% of EYOC 2020 price with keeping very similar programme (in accomodation A***; in case of C, the price is 64% of similar EYOC 2020 option). The price is a bit higher than last year CEYOC (by 11 EUR), but it includes also the local transport and several other activities, which were not included year before.

We offer following discounted packages:

Price per personCompetitorCoach
Accommodation A ***116 EUR (131 EUR)96 EUR (101 EUR)
Accommodation C96 EUR (111 EUR) 76 EUR (81 EUR)
Coach package does not include race fees and Fun Quiz (during Fun Quiz, the Coach meeting / workshop will be held).
Price with Accommodation A*** is valid only if double room is occupied by 2 person.
Price in brackets shows the sum price of included items without package discount.

Packages include: Accreditation, entry fees (3 races), accomodation (3 nights), full board from Thu dinner to Sun lunch (9 meals), 2 trainings with SI, city centre guided tour, Friendship Party, Opening Ceremony, Fun Quiz, taxes.

Packages does not include: only travelling expenses from your home to the Venue and renting of SI cards (if necessary).

In all other cases, individual price will be computed according to list of fees.

Entries and deadlines

Team entries are received by email to office@ceyoc.eu. Entering the team is initiated by sending email to Event Office with following information:

  • Name of the Federation
  • Number of runners in each class (W16, W18, M16, M18)
  • Number of coaches
  • Selected option of accommodation (A or B)
  • Length of stay (Full package / Race Only package)

Event Office will respond to you with payment details. When payment is received, you will be informed by email and only then, your entry is fully confirmed.

Deadline for Team Entry and payment is 31st January 2020.

Until this date, the payment shall be already paid, so we recommend to initiate the entering process at least one week in advance.

We also recommend to enter the team as soon as possible, because the capacity of accommodation A *** is limited and may be fully booked soon.

Next entry instructions (Name Entries) and further deadlines will be published in Bulletin 2.

Public races

Parents, friends and fans are very welcome to make an audience in the arenas! Please come and make an unforgettable atmosphere for the runners. The programme of Public races is designed to have enough time to cheer and also to run at same terrains and in case of sprint, also in same courses.

For more information follow the pages of Public races.

Bulletin for public races will be issued in the begining of January 2020. Same time, entries will be opened. Watch the event website to check what is new :-)

Event Office

For any questions or special needs contact our Event Office through email office@ceyoc.eu. We will reply as soon as possible.

Saving the environment

No cars needed. Use public transport.

This year CEYOC is unique for easy reach-ability by public transport everywhere. You can leave your cars at home and save the nature. You will not need them in Brno at all. The event centre, all the arenas and also all the trainings are easily reachable by public transport, which is well developed in Brno.

No paper. No PDF.

Days of printed tones of papers are gone. We are saving nature, so all the Bulletins will be distributed in the electronic version only. If you still prefer printed version, you can do it by yourself easily: website is optimised for printing. But is it really necessary?

We are moving even further, since we are saving also your mobile data :-) Instead of downloading large PDFs, browse this tiny webpage. Well, it is not so nice as Bulletins full of nice graphics, but the saving of mobile data is significant.

Organising Committee


Event Director
SPrint Course setter


Technical Director


Public Race Director


Long Course setter


Relay Course setter


Head of Event Office

We are looking forward to see you in Brno!

Organizers from KOS Tesla Brno