We would like to thank to all the partners, which supported us to reach the whole event successfull.

General partners

Brno University of Technology
The department of Halls of Residence and Dining Service provided rooms for accommodation and catering with minimal prizes. The Centre of Sport Activities provided hard floor accommodation. The Faculty of Electrical Engineering provided the representative hall for Opening ceremony and allowed Friendship Party in its entrance hall for free. CEITEC VUT provided rooms for Event Office and Team Leaders Meetings for free.

Financial support and catering support.
PS Brno
financial support
financial support
Brno City
Provided free entrance to tourist attractions and guided tour for CEYOC athletes.
supported with logistics and transportation, material equipment and prizes for winners.
material support
prizes for winners
Autopilot mapholders
gadgets for CEYOC participants
La Formaggeria
material support and prizes for winners
prizes for winners
Adamna s.r.o.
Mapping support, organizational support, advising.
Lesy ČR, s.p.
Forest land owner, allowed access to their forests.
Augustiniánské opatství a farnost Brno
Land owner of sprint competition arena, allowed building the arena on their lands.
Masarykův onkologický ústav
Sprint land owner, allowed access to their lands.
GenAgro Říčany a.s.
Land owner of forest competition arena, allowed building the arena on their lands.
Provided sportswear for organizers.
Meal packages for CEYOC runners and public races
MUNI Mendelovo muzeum
Provided rooms for Team Leaders meeting at Friday