Welcome to CEYOC 2021!

We are happy to announce that cancelled version of CEYOC 2020 in Brno will be held again in 2021! The concept, programme, competition areas, etc. stay same, including the Public races. We just moved the whole competition year ahead to the similar spring date.

Please save the dates from 8th April to 11th April 2021 for CEYOC 2021.

„It was the only possible date we were able to negotiate. I hope it will suit all the participant or at least they will be able to adjust to it. Please, try to do it. It would be great if we will host at least the same countries as in 2020“ said Adam Chromy, the event director of CEYOC 2020 and upcoming CEYOC 2021 as well.

We are very happy that our work will not be lost and we will be able to deliver you the experience of CEYOC 2.0 as we promised. „The competition is almost ready. We would not want to throw it away. I am sure, it will be a great experience for upcoming young elite runners, and it would be pity not to allow them to do so.“ added Adam.

Please, save these dates in your national calendars and look forward to CEYOC. We are looking forward to You in Brno!