CEYOC 2021 cancelled. No more CEYOC in Brno.

Dear followers,

we are sorry to inform you that, like CEYOC 2020, the currently upcoming CEYOC 2021 has been cancelled as well. This time, however, it was not directly due to COVID measures, although unfortunately, it was very likely that due to COVID we would have to cancel or reschedule this race anyway a month or two later. This time we were notified of the cancellation of the CEYOC by the CEOC coordinator without any consultation with us.

Under such conditions and means of negotiation, no one from the organizing team has the desire and motivation to continue. After two failed attempts to organize a big event for young athletes and months of hard work, we are giving up this fight. CEYOC will not be in Brno, even in the coming years.

In order to at least minimize financial losses, we will try to organize the same 3 races at least for the Czech audience, to which you are of course also cordially invited.

The programme is:
Friday 9.4.2021 – sprint with self-choice, Adamna cup, website: http://cup.adamna.net
Saturday 10.4.2021 – Long distance on already prepared CEYOC courses, website: http://www.tbm.cz/2021-ob-zb/rozpis/
Sunday 11.4.2021 – Relay open race on already prepared CEYOC courses, website: http://www.tbm.cz/2021-ob-zb/rozpis/

Both websites of the races are only in the Czech language, but if you are interested in participating, we recommend you to use Google translated versions of websites: Friday, Saturday & Sunday. If you want, we are ready to help you at office@ceyoc.eu as well.

This website will not be updated anymore.

Keep being positively negative and practising the orienteering! ;-)

Best regards,
CEYOC 2020 and 2021 organizing team