Accreditation17 EUR / person / whole event
Public transport to arenas and trainings included in accreditation fee
Friendship Party included in accreditation fee
Opening ceremony included in accreditation fee
Fun Quizincluded in accreditation fee
Entry Fee CEYOC race10 EUR / person / race
Entry Fee CEYOC training3 EUR / person / training
Accommodation A25 EUR / double room / night
Accommodation C6 EUR / person / night
Full board catering12 EUR / person / day
Renting of SI Card10 EUR / person / whole event
City centre guided tour 4 EUR / person

Public Race

Entry Fee Sprint
Entry Fee Long
Entry Fee Relay
Entry Fee CEYOC training4 EUR / person / training
City centre guided tour 5 EUR / person
Renting of SI Card10 EUR / person / whole event
Opening ceremony free
Public transport 1 EUR / journey
3.6 EUR / 24 hours